Wedding Nights

A wedding is one of the most important event in life, when a couple are joined in matrimony to celebrate their love for each other. All us at The Carob Tree Ranch are ready to create a magical event that will live long in the memories of those who attend. At Carob Tree Ranch, we can arrange a quiet private ceremony for small to medium groups of family and friends, Set in a lovely garden area with sunset view, or a more intimate affair within the confines of one of our luxury private pool. A wedding ceremony at The Carob Tree Ranch is a rewarding experience so allow us to prepare and organize this very special day for you in our ranch. Please contact us and we will be proud to be a part of your most important day. We offer a complete service with the utmost attention to detail to ensure your special day runs smoothly without any problems.

  • Special Catering
  • - From €15 per person All inclusive
  • Firework show available
  • - From €600
  • Live soft music
  • - From €400
    For more information and requirements please do not hesitated to contact us
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